Questioning Return

Publication date: November 15, 2016.

Publicity contact: Robert Mandel at Mandel Vilar Press,

Press Coverage and Reviews


  • Review in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette by Laura Malt Schneiderman says   “The narrative has an almost Russian-novel quality, following each thought of the protagonist” and that ” small observations pepper the story, drawing the reader in.”  Posted December 3, 2017.
  • Review by Sandee Brawarsky in the New York Jewish Week  “This is a novel of ideas about academic life, returning to tradition and Jewish observance; Kissileff writes with originality about Americans abroad in Israel, Jewish identity and heavenly and earthly Jerusalem.” Posted June 21, 2017
  •  Review in the Reporter Group by Rabbi Rachel Esserman “The inclusion of a wide variety of voices – from a Reconstructionist rabbinical student to Modern Orthodox Jews to baalat teshuvah – makes the discussions fascinating, as all struggle to discover a religious path that speaks to their spiritual needs.”
  • Review in the  J Weekly by Howard Freedman says “a memorable story of personal challenge and change set against the city’s unique spiritual landscape.”
  • Review in the Jewish Standard by Rabbi Avraham Bronstein says “Kissileff does an excellent job of conveying the intellectual and cultural depth of Wendy’s world” and concludes ” If the most Jewish answer is another rhetorical question, she is saying, then the best teshuvah is the kind that leads to ever more she’eilot.”
  • Review by writer Risa Miller in The Lehrhaus   calls the novel “erudite” and says “I’d invite her to my house any Shabbos; she has an open invitation.”
  • Listed as one of the “best buys for bookworms” by U Penn affiliated authors.
  • Interview with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield in The Wisdom Daily .   November 16, 2016

Reading Genesis

Published February 25, 2016.

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Bloomsbury includes Reading Genesis among its best selling titles!

Press Coverage and Reviews