Questioning Return

Publication date: November 15, 2016.

Publicity contact: Robert Mandel at Mandel Vilar Press,

Press Coverage and Reviews


  • Review on the JOFA blog by Rosellen Bell says “this sensitively written novel will delight the reader by appealing both to the intellect and to one’s appreciation of the senses.” Posted May 5, 2020.
  • Review in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette by Laura Malt Schneiderman says   “The narrative has an almost Russian-novel quality, following each thought of the protagonist” and that ” small observations pepper the story, drawing the reader in.”  Posted December 3, 2017.
  • Review by Sandee Brawarsky in the New York Jewish Week  “This is a novel of ideas about academic life, returning to tradition and Jewish observance; Kissileff writes with originality about Americans abroad in Israel, Jewish identity and heavenly and earthly Jerusalem.” Posted June 21, 2017
  •  Review in the Reporter Group by Rabbi Rachel Esserman “The inclusion of a wide variety of voices – from a Reconstructionist rabbinical student to Modern Orthodox Jews to baalat teshuvah – makes the discussions fascinating, as all struggle to discover a religious path that speaks to their spiritual needs.”
  • Review in the  J Weekly by Howard Freedman says “a memorable story of personal challenge and change set against the city’s unique spiritual landscape.”
  • Review in the Jewish Standard by Rabbi Avraham Bronstein says “Kissileff does an excellent job of conveying the intellectual and cultural depth of Wendy’s world” and concludes ” If the most Jewish answer is another rhetorical question, she is saying, then the best teshuvah is the kind that leads to ever more she’eilot.”
  • Review by writer Risa Miller in The Lehrhaus   calls the novel “erudite” and says “I’d invite her to my house any Shabbos; she has an open invitation.”
  • Listed as one of the “best buys for bookworms” by U Penn affiliated authors.
  • Interview with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield in The Wisdom Daily .   November 16, 2016

Reading Genesis

Published February 25, 2016.

Publicity contact:  Celeste Scollan at Bloomsbury, CeleReading Genesis _ Reading

Bloomsbury includes Reading Genesis among its best selling titles!

Press Coverage and Reviews


  • Review in Reading Religion a publication of the American Academy of Religion by Philipp Reisner “This original volume succeeds in introducing the reader to the pitfalls and neuralgic points of Genesis studies. It not only invites people from diverse fields and backgrounds to read the first book of the Bible, but also encourages people to ask how the many conundrums presented by the text will be resolved by future readers. One can only wish that many people read this interesting and entertaining book to test their preconceptions and broaden their general knowledge of Genesis and its rich and thriving reception history.”
    posted April 28, 2020
  • Review in Regent’s Park Oxford Reviews.   “This is an original, and sometimes outstandingly good book which will be enjoyed by all who care about reading, preaching and living Genesis.” Rosa Hunt.  April 2017.
  • Questions in Genesis.  A book of essays asks, is the Bible literature? How is a blessing like an oath? And what if Eve was just hungry?  By Rabbi Anna Levin Rosen in the Christian Century. May 4, 2017.
  • Reviewed in San Francisco J Weekly “a collection of essays assembled by Beth Kissileff with startling breadth” November 3, 2016
  • “Reading Genesis: Scholar compiles views of Bible’s first book through many lenses”  New Jersey Jewish Standard, October 27, 2016
  • Reviewed in Hadassah Magazine October, 2016
  • Featured book in “Book Marks,” Chicago Jewish Star, September 23-29, 2016
  • Mentioned in University of Pennsylvania alumni magazine  The Penn Gazette June, 2016
  • Mentioned as part of holiday traditons in newletter of Horace Mann School 12/29/2016
  • Bible spotlighted as local author hosts book launchThe Jewish Chronicle, 2/18/2016
  • ‘Reading Genesis: Beginnings’: a treasure trove of modern interpretationsThe Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/21/2016
  • Twenty-Three Ways (and Counting) of Looking at the BibleZeteo Journal, 6/28/2016